Find out more about the benefits breastfeeding can have for you and your baby!

Lactation Consultations

Because breastfeeding is a learned art, some mothers and babies may experience difficulties that sometimes require the knowledge and skills of an experienced professional.

We offer thorough personal consultations that can take place in your home or in our office. A professional appointment takes approximately 1.5 – 2 hours to complete.

A consultation includes:

  • A prenatal, birth, and feeding history
  • Assessment of the breast that includes milk expression, appearance of the mother and her breast, and any other pertinent issues.
  • Observation of the feeding in which the consultant watches the baby for pre-feeding behaviors, response to the feeding, takes a pre- and post-feeding weight to measure volume of intake at the breast, as well as the ability to transfer milk and assessment of the latch.
  • A written care plan will be developed by the consultant with mother’s input to help reach breastfeeding goals and resolve any issues.
  • Documentation of the findings and a summary of the care plan will be provided to the mother along communication with pertinent health care providers

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In network with Aetna and Humana Insurance companies.

Out of network clients will be provided with a super-bill to submit to their insurance company for reimbursement. We offer discounts for prompt pay.