About Us

Who are we?  The Breastfeeding Specialists of Atlanta! Lactation Consultants of Atlanta was the first private practice in the Atlanta area. More importantly, we are dedicated to assisting nursing mothers, their babies and their families to help breastfeeding become an easy and

What is an IBCLC?

What is an IBCLC? An Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) is a member of your health care team who has a specialist knowledge of, and primary focus on, breastfeeding. They are the consultants whom mothers and other health professionals

Benefits of Breastfeeding

Something Good for You and Your Baby Today, new mothers spend less time in the hospital, the traditional source for breastfeeding instruction & support.  We can help you fill this informational void. First, what are some of the benefits to


What do we offer?

Find out more about the benefits breastfeeding can have for you and your baby! Lactation Consultations Because breastfeeding is a learned art, some mothers and babies may experience difficulties that sometimes require the knowledge and skills of an experienced professional.

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Pump Rentals

Pump Rental Information

Breast Pumps Rentals – Hospital Grade Lactation Consultants of Atlanta offers Ameda Hospital Grade pumps and Hygeia Hospital Grade pumps for rental in the Atlanta Area. Rental fees are paid in advance and pumps may be rented at any of our

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