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Breastfeeding Services

At Lactation Consultants of Atlanta, we offer breastfeeding services to help you meet your breastfeeding goals. We aim to treat you like...

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We are The Breastfeeding Specialist of Atlanta Lactation Consultants of Atlanta is the chosen breastfeeding specialist in the Atlanta area, and we...

Benefits of Breastfeeding

Something Good for You and Your Baby Today, new mothers spend less time in the hospital, the traditional source for breastfeeding instruction...

Breastfeeding Services

A demonstration of a family receiving breastfeeding services

At Lactation Consultants of Atlanta, we offer breastfeeding services to help you meet your breastfeeding goals. We aim to treat you like family. Because breastfeeding is a learned art, some mothers and babies may experience difficulties that sometimes require the knowledge and skills of an experienced professional.

As part of our breastfeeding services we offer thorough personal consultations that can take place in the home, office, virtually by video, and tele-health. The first consultation usually lasts up to two hours. 

Find out more about the benefits breastfeeding can have for you and your baby!

COVID-19 PROCEDURES for our breastfeeding services:

We are now offering phone and video consultations, all classes have moved to a virtual format. We are continuing to offer in person services with these safety measures in place.

In the office we are staggering our patients to have only one breastfeeding family in the reception area at a time. You will be required to wash your hands when entering the office and wear a mask at all times. Each family will be screened at the door with temperature checks. We ask that the breastfeeding person limit their family support to only one person at this time. No additional children will be allowed in the office. 

In the home, we are taking extra precautions when entering a patient’s home. Our consultants will wear a mask at all times when interacting with patients and their families, gloves will be worn when appropriate, hands will be washed or sanitized frequently, and shoes will be removed. We ask that you limit your support person to one and we will screen your temperatures when entering the home. We also ask that you wear a mask.

Consultants daily are having their temperature checked before seeing any patients; and mask will be worn at all times in the office or in the home.

Your breastfeeding consultation will include:

-A complete prenatal, birth and feeding history.

-An Assessment of the breast that includes milk expression, appearance of the mother and her breast before and after feeding, and any other pertinent issues.

-Observation of the feeding in which the consultant watches the baby for pre-feeding behaviors, response to the feeding, assessment of the latch, and ability to transfer milk.

-A pre- and post-feeding weight will be taken to measure the volume of the intake at the breast. (Home or Office only)

-Help with positioning.

-If needed an oral assessment of baby’s mouth to check for any pertinent issues. (Home or office only)

-If you are pumping, we will help with pumping techniques, pumping schedules, and checking that flanges are the correct fit and your pump is in good working order.

-Answer any questions that the breastfeeding family may have.

-A written care plan will be developed by the consultant with the breastfeeding families’ input to help reach breastfeeding goals and resolve any issues.

-Documentation of the visit including a summary of the care plan will be provided to the family and  shared with the families’ other health-care providers.

The Cost of your breastfeeding consultation:

In Network: Aetna and Humana                                    (coming soon, Humana Tricare)

We are in network with Aetna and Humana, and you will have little to no out-of-pocket cost for our services. It is your responsibility to check with Aetna/Humana to ensure that you are covered for lactation services. Even though Aetna/Humana may tell you that you are covered at 100 percent, it is possible that some plans may assign you a co-insurance or co-pay fee. There may be additional fees for travel or afterhours visits that will not be covered by insurance. 

Out of Network:

If you have other insurance coverage, we recommend calling your insurance company and asking for a GAP exception. Under the affordable health care act, lactation is a covered service. (Read more here)

How to apply for a GAP exception from your insurance provider, read more here.

Cost of services with our prompt pay discount:

  • Office Consult: $125
  • Follow-up Office: $95
  • Home Consult: $225 – cost includes travel up to a 20 mile radius, there will be additional fees for extended travel. 
  • Extended Travel (21-40 miles) – Additional $25
  • Extended Travel (41-60 miles) – Additional $50 
  • Follow-up Home: $195 (travel fees are the same)
  • Video 1 Hour:   $105
  • Video 2 Hours: $125
  • Phone 1 Hour:  $60
  • Follow-up Phone: $45
  • Additional fee for afterhours visits (6 PM and beyond)/weekends/holidays: $25
  • Additional fee for twins or multiples: $25
  • Insurance Travel fee for initial visit: $51.98
  • Insurance Travel fee for follow-up visit: $31.98

Benefits of Breastfeeding Services in the home:

There are many added benefits to a having breastfeeding services in your home; you are not required to leave your house with a new baby, and we bring everything to you. We can also work with you in your preferred nursing nook teaching you how to get the best experience in your personal space. Rest assured our office is your “home away from home” and we will do our best to make you comfortable. We have a reclining chair and even a futon to help parents achieve their best breastfeeding position.


Please call if you don’t find an appointment time that works for you, in some cases we offer same day appointments for our breastfeeding services.


We also offer private and group classes covering Childbirth education, Breastfeeding 101, Baby’s Here Now What?!, and Returning to Work. If you would like to learn more about our classes Read more here.


Liliana Delgado
Liliana Delgado
November 10, 2020.
I honestly don’t even know where to begin! LC Jean was and IS amazing!!!
K Scales
K Scales
September 11, 2020.
The ladies here are wonderful! They are so patient, they never rush me, and I always feel heard and understood. There is no shame or embarrassment here - they have seen and heard it all I guess! Even though I had no issues nursing my first child, my second child brought many challenges. When my daughter was 2 months old, I had issues with getting her to nurse (she had stopped gaining weight), and I ended up with a terrible case of mastitis. Heather was amazing at helping us get back on track. Weekly classes and free weight checks gave me so much knowledge and peace, and most importantly, restored health to my baby. Thanks to her, I'm still nursing at the 1 year mark! I also had surgery recently, and Jana helped me understand how my medications would affect my baby and worked out a nursing schedule that allowed me to continue breastfeeding safely. This clinic is a lifesaver - I highly recommend them!
Saundra Clark
Saundra Clark
August 24, 2020.
I came to my appointment sad because of issues I was having breastfeeding. Ms. Sharon gave me so many helpful tips and I left confident about breastfeeding going forward. Thank you!!
Rebecca Aaron
Rebecca Aaron
August 23, 2020.
Bianca Copeland
Bianca Copeland
July 23, 2020.
I reached out to Lactation Consultants of Atlanta recently when I was experiencing a decrease in my milk supply. I had Initially searched the internet for solutions but nothing had worked out for me. I also found that a lot of the advice online was conflicting and confusing. I made an appointment for an hour-long video consultation with Jean, who I had a great experience with. She eased my worries straight away and talked me through the reasons why my supply might have dipped. She gave me a 5 day plan to try and told me to reach back out if there were no changes within 5 days. Well, after 3 days I noticed my supply had increased by quite a lot! I was extremely relieved and happy that all it took was a quick call and a little time on my pump to get my supply up. No herbal supplements or power pumping sessions or anything else suggested online. Now I know Lactation Consultants of Atlanta is only a phone call away, I won’t hesitate to reach out to them for any other breastfeeding related questions in the future!