Lactation Services

A demonstration of a family receiving breastfeeding services

As Atlanta’s most trusted lactation practice, we have been providing lactation services and helping families with breastfeeding their babies for over 30 years.

At Lactation Consultants of Atlanta, we are dedicated to helping nursing families meet their breastfeeding goals anywhere in their journey. Our mission is to promote, protect, and support breastfeeding by providing lactation services, care, support, and education. We strive to treat our patients like family.

We have many lactation services to meet your needs.

Lactation Consultants of Atlanta offers private and group classes covering Childbirth education, Breastfeeding 101, Baby’s Here Now What?!, and Returning to Work.

As part of our lactation services we offer thorough personal consultations that can take place in the home, office, virtually using our HIPPA compliant platform, or by phone. Because we personally take a full history,  the first visit can lasts up to two hours. 

We provide professional lactation services for the corporations that are looking to add to their employee benefits package and support their breastfeeding employees.

Are you a health care professional working with families that are breastfeeding their babies but your not sure how to help them? Then our classes for professionals is for you.

Birth Boot Camp is a fun and interactive childbirth education class where you will learn the latest and most proven comfort techniques to prepare you for pregnancy and birth.

We offer Ameda hospital grade breast pump rentals. Whether you’ve got a medically fragile baby that you are needing to pump for, returning to work and would like to boost your milk supply, or are struggling with milk supply. We can help you with a breast pump rental. Our breast pump rental stations are available all hours of the weekdays and weekends to meet your needs.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

Because breastfeeding is a learned art, some mothers and babies may experience difficulties that sometimes require the knowledge and skills of an experienced professional.  

Lactation Consultants of Atlanta Specializes in:

Providing guidance or reassurance

Answering your breastfeeding questions

Your baby has trouble latching or staying latched at the breast

Your baby is always hungry, feeding every hour, or for long periods of time

You think your baby may have a tongue or lip tie

Your baby has had a tongue or lip tie revision

Your baby is extremely fussy at the breast

Your baby is extremely sleepy at the breast

You have concerns with diaper output

Your baby has been supplemented

You are bottle feeding

You’re using a nipple shield

You’re feeling overwhelmed

You’re having difficulty with positioning

You are recovering from a C-section or strenuous labor

You have concerns about low milk supply or an oversupply

You have a strong letdown reflex

You’re having hormonals issues

You have other health issues that might impact breastfeeding

You’re returning to work

Your baby has a cleft lip or cleft palate

Your baby has any special needs or health concerns


You’re feeding multiples

Your baby is experiencing slow weight gain

You’re weaning from the breast or from the pump

You’re pumping exclusively or partially

You are in any pain when breastfeeding or pumping. Pain is not normal!!!!

You have damaged nipples

You have a gassy or fussy baby

You are experiencing plugged ducts, engorgement, mastitis

Your baby has Down syndrome

You are inducing lactation

Adoptive breastfeeding

You have a history of breast surgery or trauma to the breast

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