Breastfeeding FAQ


Breastfeeding FAQ

  • Breastfeeding Q & A – Download
  • Helping Your Baby Take the Breast – Download
  • Storing and Handling Mother’s Milk – Download
  • Sore Nipples and Engorgement – Download
  • Reaching Full Milk Production with a breast pump – Download
  • Dieting and Breastfeeding – Download

Lactation Consultants of Atlanta is here to teach you the basic art of breastfeeding and answer any concerns. Common concerns include positioning & latching, milk supply, feeding frequency and babies with special needs.

Find out more about the benefits breastfeeding can have for you and your baby!

Let us answer your questions.

We know you have many questions about breastfeeding, and we want to be there to answer all of them! Contact us.

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