Corporate Lactation Program

Solutions for the Workplace

We have been providing on-site corporate lactation programs since 1994. Our program allows for employers to offer ongoing support, expert advice and help from a board certified-licensed Lactation Consultant, access to nursing mother’s rooms with hospital-grade breast pumps, and breastfeeding education provided at the work-site.

Why use a corporate lactation program?

  • Recognition as a family friendly business.
  • As part of a wellness program, will boost employee morale.
  • Lower turnover rates.
  • Fewer illnesses for baby.
  • Milder illnesses when sickness does occur.
  • Less trips to the doctor.
  • Lower Health care costs.
  • Lower Absenteeism rates.
  • Lactation programs increase breastfeeding duration of employed mothers.

Program Includes:

(Options are customizable to meet every need and every budget)

  • Prenatal Classes taught by certified lactation professionals at the work site or virtually
  • Unlimited telephone and email support for employees during maternity leave and after return to work
  • Return to Work Consultation to develop a personal plan for each employee returning to work
  • Consultation includes: breast pumping supplies, instructions on pumping, lactation room schedule, proper milk storage, and advice on how to combine working and breastfeeding
  • Milk expression kit with cooler and carry tote available at the Return to Work Consultation
  • Use of lactation room with hospital grade pump
  • Lactation rooms are maintained by our staff and includes stocking of emergency pump parts
  • Discounts on breastfeeding classes, consultations, products and services offered by Lactation Consultations of Atlanta
  • Option to purchase or rent double electric hospital grade breast pumps 
  • Option for set up and delivery of a lactation chair
  • Option for set up and delivery of room table

Now offering free 30-45-minute workshops for businesses on how to make your work-place more breastfeeding friendly. It’s important for today’s employers to know the “Breastfeeding in the workplace” accommodation laws and we can help. 

The Corporate Lactation Program is provided for employees and their spouses to promote the health of breastfeeding families and their babies.

Is your company already a participant in our program?

If your company is already registered in our program, please contact your Human Resources department to get more information about what benefits LCA provides in your Corporate Lactation & Workplace Solutions program. Each company has varying benefits. To participate in our classes or receive your return to work consultation you must be registered in the program.

If you are already registered in your company’s program, please use the links below to schedule your service.