Breast Pump Accessories

Breast Pump Accessories for Purchase

Ameda pumps feature an exclusive patented collection kit that creates one of the most effective milk collection systems available today. It helps mothers provide the purest milk possible to their babies. The kit’s unique silicone diaphragm acts as a barrier, separating the milk from the suction source. This helps ensure milk purity by preventing contaminants from coming in contact with collected breast milk and prevents milk back-up so tubing and pump require little to no maintenance.

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Cool ’N Carry Tote  $32.99

The same insulated carrier included in the Purely Yours pumps. This is a great storage option for mothers who need another tote for transporting breast milk to daycare. Contains three (3) cooling elements and six (6) 4-ounce bottles with tops.

Double Pump Kit (HygieniKit) $52.00

This collection kit is used with any Ameda breast pump.  The kit contains the attachments necessary to operate the pumps, a pair of valves, bottles and tubing. The kit offers mothers the choice of single or dual pumping and it also easily converts to manual pumping with the One-Hand manual adapter (not included).

Custom Breast Flanges $16.99

Custom Flanges with inserts can be used when the standard sized flange is too small for comfortable pumping. This product provides mothers with a larger flange and special reducing inserts to create an “in-between” size larger than our standard HygieniKit Flange.  2 flanges and 2 inserts per box.

Ameda Spare Parts 

Spare parts are available to purchase by contacting us.