Breastfeeding Class

Breastfeeding Class
In person breastfeeding class
We have a breastfeeding class for every step of your journey. Our classes are currently being offered virtually only.

Each breastfeeding class is an interactive workshop to help parents optimize their learning.

Breastfeeding 101

The basics of breastfeeding Class

Featuring the topic of The BEST START TO BREASTFEEDING. An interactive workshop for the expecting parents, the new parents, or the parents who need help with the Basics of Breastfeeding. In this class we will discuss how to get breastfeeding off to a great start, positions and latching, knowing baby is getting enough, taking care of mom, and much more.

Cost is $75 an includes a free digital download of our Breastfeeding for Beginners booklet!

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Breastfeeding and Working:

Returning to work? Breastfeeding? Have questions? This is the class for you!

Our virtual workshop features the topic of THE WORKING Parent.

We will discuss how to choose and use your pump, maximize your pumping sessions and how to create a return to work milk stash, developing a back to work plan and how to communicate with your boss and your baby’s caregiver about yours and baby’s needs. This may also be helpful for mom’s who have already returned to work but things are not progressing as well as you had hoped.
Cost is $75.00 per participant and includes a digital download of our breastfeeding and working booklet.

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Private Breastfeeding Class:

Baby’s Here, Now WHAT?!

What to expect the first weeks home with baby.

An interactive virtual workshop for new or expecting breastfeeding parents. We will discuss the first few weeks home with baby, knowing baby is getting enough, milk supply, care of mom, breastfeeding and the family, tips on hand expression, addressing breastfeeding concerns and baby wearing.

Cost is $75 per couple and included two virtual booklets downloads; Breastfeeding and the Family and Breastfeeding the first few weeks.

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